The Saarländische Staatsorchester in front of the World Heritage Völklinger Hütte. With skyliner

Impressing backdrop for a special season’s opening: for the first time and due to corona restrictions, the Saarländische Staatstheater and its orchestra played open air this summer – as a backdrop, the world heritage Völklinger Hütte and well under a skyliner sl25 serving as weather protection and a giant projection surface.

The 25-meter diameter event roof offered the musicians of the Saarländischen Staatsorchesters as well as their instruments welcome protection against the hot late summer sun during setup and soundcheck. In the cloudless evening hours of the well-attended open-air concert, the skyliner then was transformed into a huge screen for a rousing light show to the music of the Saarländische Staatsorchester. 

Accompanied by electronic sounds, “Nature Algorithms”, a work composed especially for the opening, was premiered. Lighting equipment integrated into the skyliner immersed the bright white skyliner and the unique architecture of the listed Völklinger Hütte into an impressive sea of light.