“Killerqueen” hits Ettlingen - skyliner supplies the perfect setting for a rock show debut

For the third year in a row, a skyliner sl28 was installed for the Schlossfestspiele Ettlingen. The sl28 was specially developed for this purpose. Since 2019, the tailormade event roofing with an eaves height of around 15 meters covers both audience and artists, providing shelter from late summer weather.

Not only the unusual height but also the limited space inside Ettlingen Castle made this installation a real challenge for the technicians. Even more, the listed Ettlingen Castle made special care mandatory while setup and teardown. To match the ambience and the stage design, props clad two of six towers supporting the sl28 while the complete structure served as a platform for the entire lighting and sound equipment.

Furthermore, the skyliner provided a perfect setting for a very special debut: “Killerqueen”, a musical homage dedicated to the rock band Queen and staged in cooperation with the popakademie Baden-Württemberg, celebrated huge success and sold-out performances.