Size does matter! Corona-compliant Reeperbahnfestival took place under a skyliner sl38.

On the occasion of the Reeperbahnfestival 2020, a skyliner sl38+ traveled to Hamburg. Currently the largest skyliner available, it provided shelter from sun and rain for around 750 visitors a day in front of the main stage on the Heiligengeistfeld. Taking all corona requirements into consideration, the sl38 covered an area of almost 1,100 square metres, thus making the well-known Reeperbahnfestival 2020 possible.

Using a skyliner, major events of this kind could take place at several locations in Europe despite the pandemic - and did not have to be canceled without replacement.

Assembly and dismantling were carried out by teaming up with T-STAGE from Buchholz / Nordheide. Despite the enormous surface area of the skyliner sl38, the assembly and dismantling could be carried out by a small, qualified team in just one day.